I declare

• I have read the extract of the STATUTE of VeniceOnboard Amateur Sports Association and i am entirely in agreement;
• applied for registration of the Association:
• approve and accept unconditionally in all parts of the Articles of Association and the resolutions of the Board of Directors,
• pay the membership fee as soon as possible if my application is accepted
• deliver to The secretary the medical certificate within the third lesson of frequency;
• that the data given below are true:

    Information note pursuant to the law of 31 December 1996 n. 675.
    The ASD VeniceOnboard uses the data entered in this form for updating the Register of Members and to all the processes necessary for the proper performance of the business of the Association.
    The data may be disclosed: the associative structures contained in the Statute, the codes and institutions to promote sports in which the amateur sports association ASD VeniceOnboard is regularly subsidiary for the conduct of institutional, organizational, and technical and management associative relationship.
    At any time you may request an amendment correction or deletion of data by writing To ASD VeniceOnboard, Cannaregio, Venice 30122 3009.
    Declaration of consent.
    I have read the former article 13 of Legislative degree 196/2003, I agree to the above data to be informed of the initiatives of the Amateur Sports VeniceOnboard (check the option chosen: in case of minors, the signature musT be affixed by the parent / guardian).


    I declare

    • To be aware that The Amateur Sports Association VENICE ONBOARD is NOT for profit, and that what I paid for is in part to assist in The achievement of social goals (whose purpose is The development of sports and related disciplines connected to the sea and especially to navigation, rowing and sailing) and in part fo pay the membership fee to ACSE (Sports Promotion Board, in agreement with PGS for the purposes recognized by CONI sports) affiliation and this also involves a minimum amount of insurance against accidents and civil liability,
    • to be fully aware of the potential danger, for me and for others, inherent in the activities that I do as part of the sport,
    • that my participation in the activities of the sports association is voluntary, as it is strictly voluntary and optional all my actions, accomplished during the course of social activities,
    • to take responsibility in their personal capacity for the consequences that may result from these actions, both civil and criminal,
    • to be aware of all the safety rules governing the activities of the sport, and have read in its entirety, in order, the sheets I was shown by the Association before the membership, bearing the legislation on safety in the practice of sports-related sea,
    • to be in good general health and be eligible to practice non-competitive sports related to the sea practiced by the Association, and I declare to be available to provide the required medical certificates that are required.
    As a result of the foregoing, the undersigned intends to accomplish with this that ASD VENICE ONBOARD, its bodies and its representatives from liability in any manner that may arise as a result of its participation in social activities for any who suffer damage to their person or cause to third parties in the conduct of the same.

    INFORMATION ON PURSUANT To Art. 13 of the law 196/O3 - Code on Privacy (Published on the Official Gazette of July 29, 2003, GENERAL SERIES N. 174, Supplement N. 123 / L)

    We bring knowledge of the purposes and methods of treatment which are intended for the data provided.

    Aims of the treatment

    The data processing will be carried out to allow for the maintenance and updating of the register of shareholders, and possibly for other purposes that use the data in manner closely related and instrumental to the exercise.

    Method of treatment

    The data will be treated mainly through electronic and computer and stored on computer media, on paper, in compliance with the minimum security measures pursuant to Technical Regulations regarding minimum security measures, Annex B of the Privacy Code.

    mandatory nature

    All requested data are mandatory.

    In case of failure to supply the data required, the contractual relationship can not be established.

    Persons to whom information may be disclosed personal data.

    The data will be processed directly by this Association, or disclosed to:

    • Financial Administration, to bodies of tax police, the Guardia di Finanza, Department of Labour, the SIAE and generally to all the organs involved in audits and check the legality of the obligations pursuant to the purposes set out in fact.

    • Professional studies for the performance of related services.

    Rights of

    In regard to the processing of personal data, the person concerned has the right to know and get the provisions of art. 7 of the Privacy Code (Right of access to personal data and other rights).

    Holder of the data processing is è Tonolotto Damiano, Codice Fiscale TNLDMN88M11L736B, as the legal representative of the 'ASD VeniceOnboard, Cannaregio, 3009/g – 30122 Venezia.

    To exercise your rights under art. 7 of the Privacy Code, the person must make a written request to the Head of data processing.