Venice On Board is a young non agonistic Sport Association, founded in Venice in 2014, thanks to the passion and dedication of 3 young venetians that wanted to help to preserve their most loved Venetian traditions:

the traditional Venetian row and Vela al Terzo (a peculiar sailing style)

Voga veneta

The mission is still the same, i.e. to save these traditions that, sadly, are being forgotten in a city that fights every day to maintain its own identity.

Venice On Board wants to transmit the Venetian sea culture through 4 principal activities:

  • teaching rowing and sailing techniques to the locals
  • educating and teaching the venetian sea traditions to the travellers
  • restoration and maintenance of traditional boats that, otherwise, would be abandoned or destroyed
  • designing and construction of all the tools that are necessary on board a rowing boat (oars and oarlocks) and sailng boats (boat’s rudders, blocks, and so on)

The association runs its honourable mission also thanks to the support of some members that have recognised the value of the activities carried on.

After 2 years of hard work, we can say that Venice On board integrated into the everyday life of the city, stimulating also the sympathy of the locals