Here you can find the unforgettable experiences you can enjoy on one of the traditional boats we have restored over the years.

Our lessons will give you a chance to learn the traditional art of rowing used by Venetian people. Our courses aim at training you to become a poppiere, pope in Venetian dialect, a term which indicates the rower who also keeps the direction of the boat. Thus, you’ll quickly be able to handle the boat by yourself and row around the city.

Lessons are usually 1-hour-long and individual. It’s possible to organise longer lessons or share a lesson with other people, but this will of course impact the speed of your learning. Rowing students must be at least 6 years old. The frequency, date and time of the rowing lessons are totally up to you: just contact us to book your lessons!

In our vela al terzo lessons, you’ll learn a specific sailing technique which has been used for centuries both in the Venice lagoon and in the northern Adriatic sea. You’ll master the specific terminology, various on board manouvres and how to correctly fit out a boat for navigation. With the help of one of our instructors, you’ll learn to sail in the open spaces of the lagoon.

These are 2-hour-long group lessons, but it’s possible to organise longer or private lessons. Participants must be at least 8 years old.

The date and time of the lessons are set by the instructors according to the local weather forecast and are communicated to the participants through the Association’s channels.

f you don’t feel like attending an actual rowing course but you still want to discover Venice’s nautical traditions and try rowing our boats in the city’s canals, we also organise 90 minutes rowing experiences for families and groups of any age.

After a tour of our workshop and a short introduction to the historical and cultural background of rowing, you’ll hop on board one of our boats for the practical part. It won’t be an athletic experience, rather a rowing “walk” through the city with one of our instructors. You’ll get a chance to see Venice from a different perspective and dig deep into the city’s day-to-day life.

After a period of training and with the consent of our instructors, you’ll be able to rent one of our boats and choose how long to use it.

For obvious reasons, this activity is reserved to members who have proven full mastery of the rowing or sailing technique and the ability to halt the boat within a short distance. The boat’s capacity must be respected at all times and only members of the Association are allowed to participate.

  • For booking and information, please contact us at +39 342 9610166 (via Whatsapp as well) or send us an e-mail at
  • All the activities – for logistic reasons – will start and end at our headquarters (click here to go to the contacts page)