Veniceonboard is a young not agonistic and No Profit Sport Association born in Venice in 2014, thanks to the perseverance of three young venetians in love with their city and with a precise mission:

Transmit their passion for the venetian rowing and sailing style to those who want to live Venice and it’s lagoon in the most authentic way possible! This had to be accomplished in a pleasant and captivating way that should have been suitable for both the locals and the tourists

One of the obstacles is a problem with the perception that the locals have about the Venetian rowing and sailing.

From the beginning of the XX century rowing, and more in general rowing boats, lost their original function as of a mean of transport.

In fact, what once was the most common way to travel through the canals and the lagoon is now mainly a competitive sport.

From the most famous regattas like the Regata Storica and the Voga Longa, to the competitions between the sestieri (that’s how the Venetians neighborhoods are named), rowing is now a sport performed just by few venetians.

This unluckily made the most of the inhabitants to push away from the most authentic way to live the city.

Even harder to approach is the traditional sailing, called Vela al Terzo. This once was the fastest way to sail with traditional boats and it was used by fishermen and merchants for the transport of goods.

This discipline has been almost completely forgot by the majority of the people and even if it is easier and cheaper than modern sailing, only a little group of people still practices it.

We believe that those who visit Venice are looking for something more. We believe that Venice, being unique, must be lived in a unique way that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We are talking to YOU, a traveller and an explorer not just a simple visitor. So being an explorer, YOU deserve to live Venice in an unforgettable way.

In these 3 years we had the opportunity to meet a lot of locals and tourists that supported our work and were enthusiastic of what we do and how we do it.

But this didn’t happen right away. Our journey was quite hard.

Some venetians tried to sabotage our project only because we wanted to share with other venetians and visitors, something that is really intimate and it is jealously looked after.

But we were certain, as we still are now, that sharing something special with someone special is the only way to maintain and divulgate a wonderful tradition.

That’s why we need special people like you that will help us in our mission!

We need more venetians and more visitors that look after to discover a hidden treasure and want to share it with the world!

Only with the help of people like you we can continue our venture.

The world is changing too fast. But this shouldn’t let us forget where we come from. We must protect our traditions and lifestyle.

We need to create a bond between tradition and innovation.

To realize this we need more sailors to get on board and to take the wheel. 😉

If you have read until this point we are absolutely sure that YOU are a perfect candidate to unveil that hidden treasure that is the real Venice

So now go to activities page and choose the one that better suits your explorer’s needs!