Here is the list of the unforgettable experiences that you can live on board of one of our traditional boats that we have restored.

During these lessons you’ll be guided step by step in discovering the art of the Venetian rowing, you’ll learn both theory and practice.

We will also teach you the nomenclature of the boat, of it’s equipment and of the various rowing techniques.

We will make you a professional rower!

The price for a single lesson is of €20.  Every lesson will be 60 minutes long.

You can pay lessons singularly, or as a 10 lessons set. This last option allows you to have an incredible discount of €80.

We are practically giving you … lessons for free

NEW: 4 lessson pack: 50€

The difference between the offers is the kind of payment: for the single lesson you’ll pay each time the full price; instead, if you choose one of the the sets, you’ll pay them in advance and all at once.

You can come whenever you want and the set will be valid until the end of the year (it will have the same expire date of your Venice On Board membership card).
We think that 365 days are enough time for 10 rowing lessons, don’t you think so? 😉 (lo smile va messo!)

The 10 lessons set is strictly personal and nominative and can’t be transferred to other people.

Rowing lessons


  • Length: 60 minutes.
  • You can buy the 4 lesson pack at 75€.
  • You can also buy the 10 lesson pack, and you will save 80€.

We’ll teach you how to sail inside the lagoon on board of the typical iconic venetian boat: the gondola.
A really unique and incredible emotional experience.

Lessons are individual, and have a minimum duration of 1 hour.

You can also buy

  • the 5 hours pack at 130€, which will save you 20€
  • the 10 hours pack at 220€, which will save you 80€.

Contact us directly if you wish to buy this solution.

Gondola experience


  • Length: 60 minutes
  • - 5 hrs pack: 130€ (you will save 20€)
  • - 10 hrs pack: 220€ (you will save 80€)

We’ll teach you how to sail from North to South and from East to West inside the lagoon on board one of different boats that we set up for “al terzo” sail.

This kind of sailing can give you unique and incredible emotions.

You’ll find yourself sailing up to 8 knots/h hearing only the sound of the wind and of the water caressing the hull. You will feel the lagoon as you have never done before!


You can also buy

  • the 6 hours pack (3 lessons) at 220€, which will save you 20€
  • the 10 hours pack (5 lessons) at 300€, which will save you 100€.

Contact us directly if you wish to buy this solution.

If you book a lesson or you already have a pack, you can bring another Venice On Board member with you!

Sailing lessons


  • Length: 120 minutes
  • - 4 hrs pack: 190€ (you will save 50€)
  • - 10 hrs pack: 300€ (you will save 100€)

You’ll chart the course of your travel and you’ll live your boating experience as you like it.

After achieving the authorization of the presidency of the association, you’ll be free to reserve the boat you most like and book her for how long you want.

This activity – for obvious reasons – it’s strictly reserved to the members that demonstrated a full competence of the rowing and\or of the sailing techniques, the ability to stop the boat in short distance cases. Maximum numbers of boarding people need to be strictly respected. Besides, damages to boats, company or third parties equipments will be charged to the member.
Reservations are subject to availability of the units.

This is our boat set:

  • Tabacada (mascheretta): max 3 people – 10€ hour
  • Salvada (sandoletto): max 2 people – 15€ hour (if sail boat + 15€)
  • Topetta (topa): max 3 people – 20€ hour (if sail boat + 20€)
  • Mima (sanpierota): max 4 people – 25€ hour (if sail boat + 25€)
  • Giupponi (gondola): max 4 people – 40 € hour
  • Gigeta (sandalo buranello): max 4 people – 40 € hour

All the activities – for logistic reasons – will start and end from our headquarters (click here to find us or go to the contact page).

Borrow a boat

10 - 40hour

  • Bookings depend on units availability and on previously scheduled activities by Venice On Board.
  • An advance booking of 12 hours is required.
  • All the activities – for logistic reasons – will start and end from our headquarters (click here to find us or go to the contact page)
  • Children up to 6 years old (i.e. who didn’t already turn 7 years old) are welcome guests that will not be charged.
  • Activities reserved to the residents are not inclusive of the annual membership quote for the amateur sport association Venice On Board.
  • The annual membership quote for the residents is of €… and will be valid from the 1st January of each year to the 31st December of the same year.
  • Since neither you nor we know if you’ll like this kind of activities, we decided to include in the membership quote a completely free rowing lesson of …minutes! This means that the first rowing lesson is going to be totally free!
  • We decided this because, unlike other associations, we want to give YOU the opportunity to understand if this kind of activity suits you without spending outrageous amounts of money.
  • Membership to the amateur sport association Venice On Board, doesn’t implicate any obligation or duty, excluding the payment of the annual membership quote.
  • The annual membership quote must be paid as soon as possible.
  • For further information you can download our membership contract and the membership schedule.